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The importance of Predictive Maintenance (PM) cannot be overstated:

PM is crucial for optimizing economic resources and fundamental infrastructure systems. Its primary function is to foresee and prevent critical infrastructure breakdowns or failures through digital approaches.

Predictive Maintenance offers numerous positive economic and social benefits:

Enhanced human safety
Increased infrastructure resilience
Energy and resource savings

Comprehensive Predictive Maintenance Systems (PMS): 

PMS is especially critical for transportation infrastructure and equipment.
It prioritizes human safety and resource preservation.
A lack of innovation, expertise, and training can lead to catastrophic disasters.

Costs of Downtime:

Various industries are affected, including Aerospace, Manufacturing, Shipping, and Wind Energy.

Downtime costs per hour:

Aerospace: €8,532 per aircraft
Manufacturing: €221,841
Shipping: €1,369 per drillship
Wind Energy: €970,320 


PM (Predictive Maintenance) is an emerging work field with a growing market. Comprehensive training systems are crucial to prepare the next generation for effective application of PMS (Predictive Maintenance Systems) in industrial infrastructure.

Objectives of PreMETS:

Establish an alliance for boosting European Innovation in Predictive Maintenance.
Develop a coherent digital platform covering all aspects of PM training.
Foster innovative teaching and learning in PM through a co-created curriculum.
Implement teaching methods like EIT Manufacturing’s Teaching Factory Concept.
Provide micro-credential certification and a digital learning platform for upskilling.
Address skill gaps via forecasting and policy making.


Help PM companies and SMEs fulfil corporate social responsibility.
Contribute to reducing environmental damage, societal risks, and boost revenues.

Entrepreneurial Focus:

Stimulate initiative and entrepreneurial attitudes in education learners and encourage resilient PM solutions, mindsets, and skills.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing:

Facilitate the flow of PM knowledge between education, research, public sector, and business and contribute to upskilling, regional economic growth, and cluster development in PM.

Digital Platform:

Build and support effective PM education systems through a joint digital platform.
Enable connectivity and inclusivity for innovation and equal access to high-quality education in PM.


The consortium comprises the following partnering organizations

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